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Let the Dumpster Duel begin!
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Two dumpsters set up for the Dumpster Duel. (MPR Photo/Stephanie Curtis)
A showdown began last night in Minneapolis: it's Barebones Productions versus Galumph Interactive Theater in a competition called "Dumpster Duels." They are calling it a "puppet free-for-all".

Minneapolis, Minn. — Inspired by the cable TV favorite Junkyard Wars, each company transforms a dumpster full of bike tires, chicken wire, cardboard, used furniture and other materials into puppets, props and a set for a brand new show to be produced on Saturday night.

It took a half hour for the judges to read the elaborate rules and then the winners of the coin toss got to choose which pile of debris they would be transforming into art.

Anne Sawyer lost that toss. She's the team leader for Galumph Interactive Theater. She'll be spending much of the next two days in the parking lot of the Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center where she and her team are building their puppets.

The construction and preparation are open to the public. Visitors can even get involved in a hat making contest. The final shows will be performed and judged Saturday night at 6:00 pm.

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