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Kevin Kling talks baseball, dogs, and motorcycles
The Minnesota Fringe Festival opened over the weekend, with dozens of shows dotted around Minneapolis. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous and they're proud of it. One of the more anticipated shows opens Monday. Playwright and storyteller Kevin Kling's latest foray is called simply "Baseball, Dogs, and Motorcycles."

Minneapolis, Minn. — Kling was developing the piece two years ago when he was badly injured in a motorcycle accident. He's endured multiple surgeries and intensive physical therapy since to try to regain use of his arms.

He told Minnesota Public Radio's Euan Kerr his show is basically about the three subjects he can talk about forever. He'll tell stories about the joys and frustrations of being a Twins fan, his enduring love of bikes, his new basset hound and the importance of wiener dogs in his life.

"Baseball, Dogs and Motorcycles" plays at the Hey City Stage in downtown Minneapolis.

To listen to Kling's interview with Euan Kerr, click on the audio link in the right column.

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