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The Enthusiasts: The dog lover
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Karen Elvin and friend (MPR Photo/Stephanie Curtis)

St. Paul, Minn. — You may be a dog lover, but your passion can't compare to Karen Elvin's. Elvin's family has been raising one particular breed since 1943: the Norwegian Elkhound, known in its native country as the Elghund. She helped write the breed standard for the American Kennel Club, published a book about the thick-coated canines and serves as the secretary of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota. In the latest edition of our series, The Enthusiasts, Minnesota Public Radio's Stephanie Curtis visited Karen Elvin and her four-legged brood, which includes AKC champion Julie and four very vocal puppies, at her home in Marine-on-Saint-Croix.

Select the audio link to listen to her interview.

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