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A gathering of scooters
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Experts say there are more scooters on the road now than ever before. (MPR Photo/Greta Cunningham)

Minneapolis, Minn. — Hundreds of scooter riders will gather this weekend for the fourth annual Scooter Dü. It's a gathering of scooter riders in the Twin Cities and includes many scooter-related events.

On Saturday morning there's a long ride through the Twin Cities metro area. After the ride the fun really begins. The group meets at Scooterville near the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. The events include an obstacle course ride, a slow race and the ever popular "pile on."

MPR's Greta Cunningham went to Scooterville to talk to co-owner and Scooter Dü co-organizer Derek Edge. He says it's not your imagination, there are more scooters on the road in Minnesota.

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