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The Enthusiasts: The beetle man
Larger view
Ron Huber (MPR Photo/Chris Julin)
It seems like some endangered species get all the attention. Lots of people get excited about wolves and bald eagles, but who gets excited about tiger beetles? Ron Huber does. He lives in Bloomington, but scientists from around the world consult him about tiger beetles. The surprise is, Ron Huber is self-taught. He's an amateur, but he's a top-notch field biologist. We talked with him for our latest installment of our series, "The Enthusiasts."

St. Paul, Minn. — Ron Huber lives in Bloomington. He travels around Minnesota on his own time, researching tiger beetles, buttterflies and other insects.

Minnesota Public Radio's Chris Julin produced this segment of our series, The Enthusiasts.

Watch a slideshow of Huber, or select the audio link to the right to hear an interview.

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