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The cover of FOUND Magazine's second issue. (Photo courtesy of FOUND Magazine)

St. Paul, Minn. — The start of the new year is a chance for many of us to get organized. It's finally time to put those pictures in a photo album -- and clear through the clutter in your closets and drawers.

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Image Jack Clark '42

As you begin your cleanup, you may stumble across some unusual objects -- unidentified pictures from the previous owner of your home, a bundle of old love letters, birthday cards and ticket stubs. Once you discover these items, it's difficult to decide what to do with them.

The founders of FOUND Magazine want you to contact them. The magazine is a repository for old photos, kids' homework, to-do lists, poetry on napkins, doodles -- anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life.

Davy Rothbart, the founder of FOUND Magazine, spoke with MPR's Greta Cunningham about his interest in other people's stuff. To listen to their interview, click the audio link in the right column.

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