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Living in post-war Liberia
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Nyeba Manston-Dunbar visited her native country of Liberia recently, working with children and adolescents who have been affected by the recent civil war. (Photo courtesy of Nyeba Manston-Dunbar)

Rochester, Minn. — The conflict in Liberia has faded from the headlines, but the West African nation still faces many problems. Some people in Minnesota are trying to help.

Nyeba Manston-Dunbar recently visited her hometown of Monrovia on an assessment mission for the Minneapolis-based American Refugee Committee. She is a registered nurse studying adolescent nursing at the University of Minnesota. She was on the mission to talk to young people who were traumatized by the war.

MPR supplied Mantson-Dunbar with a tape recorder and camera to document her conversations with some of these young people. Afer her return, MPR's Rob Schmitz spoke to Dunbar about what she learned and what is needed to help heal Liberia.

To listen to their interview, click the audio link in the right column.

To see Manston-Dunbar's photos of Liberia, click the photo links.

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