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Mosley examines 1960s race relations in sleuth novel 'Little Scarlet'
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Easy Rawlins is back in Walter Mosley's latest novel, "Little Scarlet." (Courtesy of Little, Brown Publishers)

St. Paul, Minn. — Easy Rawlins is back. Writer Walter Mosley's latest novel "Little Scarlet," features the street detective once again trying to solve a mystery.

This time a black woman nicknamed "little Scarlet," because of her red hair, has been killed during the Los Angeles riots in 1965. The police think the killer is white, but they want to keep things hush-hush because they don't want the riots to re-erupt. So they enlist Easy to help find her killer.

Writer Walter Mosley says the L.A. riots were a pivotal moment in American history. MPR's Toni Randolph spoke with the author. Find a link to the full-length interview in the upper-right.

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