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The changing of the seasons
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Larry Weber teaches science at Duluth's Marshall School. His book, Backyard Almanac, helps readers explore the changing seasons. (MPR Photo/Stephanie Hemphill)
Summer's over. The crowds are already thinning in busy tourist spots like Duluth. Up north, it seemed like summer never came this year. Some towns had their chilliest summer on record. Residents in the region have mixed feelings about the changing of the seasons.

Duluth, Minn. — The cool summer was just fine with Larry Weber. He's a biology teacher and the author of Backyard Almanac. He's a phenologist -- someone who watches the seasonal changes in nature. Weber has been keeping careful records of those changes happening aound him for years.

Weber took MPR reporter Stephanie Hemphill on a tour of the woods to look for signs of fall. Listen.

Back in town in Duluth, there were more cold, grey days than anyone wants to count. MPR's Chris Julin stopped in at a deli in Duluth's tourist district to talk about the passing of summer. Mary Tennis was working behind the counter at the Northern Waters Smokehaus.

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