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DocumentA Capitol centennial (01/01/2005)
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A Capitol timeline
Larger view
The entrance to the state Senate chamber. (MPR Photo/Laura McCallum)

St. Paul, Minn. —

Some highlights in state Capitol history:

1849 - First territorial Legislature assembles in St. Paul in a log building on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

1853 - First state Capitol built for that purpose opens in downtown St. Paul.

1881 - Fire destroys Capitol. A new building on the same site is constructed over the next two years.

1891 - The Minnesota Senate passes a resolution creating a committee to look into the need for a new Capitol.

1893 - Legislature passes a bill creating a commission to solicit and choose a design.

1895 - After two design contests, architect Cass Gilbert chosen to guide the project.

1896 - Ground broken.

1898 - In ceremony featuring Alexander Ramsey, who served as Minnesota's territorial governor, the cornerstone is laid.

1901 - Legislature increases original $2 million appropriation for the Capitol to $3 million.

1903 - Legislature adds more money, bringing total project cost to $4.5 million.

1905 - Capitol opens.

1972 - Capitol placed on National Register of Historic Places.

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