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What would be open, closed under shutdown scenario

St. Paul, Minn. — A sampling of how Minnesota government programs and offices would fare under a partial shutdown scenario drawn up by Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration.


-Meat and dairy inspections would continue by the Department of Agriculture.

-Suspected rabies cases would still be investigated by the Board of Animal Health.

-Professional licenses would be renewed through the Boards of Architecture, Behavioral Health and Therapy, Chiropractic Examiners, Dentistry and other similar entities.

-Unemployment benefits and disability payments would be processed by the Department of Employment and Economic Development.

-Disease outbreaks and nursing home inspections would continue through the Department of Health, and birth and death certificates would be issued.

-Publicly subsidized health programs such as Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare would be maintained by the Department of Human Services as would food-stamps and other welfare payments.

-Hunting and fishing enforcement would go on at the Department of Natural Resources, which would also monitor fish hatcheries and tree nurseries.

-State troopers would stay on the road and driver's license renewals - not new ones requiring road tests - would go on.

-Damaged roads would be fixed and active construction projects would continue.


-State parks, including campsites and picnic areas, would close.

-Local grants to public health agencies would be suspended.

-Rest areas would close and message boards would carry no updated information.

-The state's 2 percent biodiesel requirement would be delayed.

-Nonemergency environmental reviews by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency would be put off.

-Routine worksite inspections done by the Department of Labor and Industry would cease as would enforcement of minimum wage, prevailing wage and overtime laws.

-New applications for MinnesotaCare wouldn't be processed.

-Requests for new driver's licenses, other than renewals, wouldn't be handled.

-The Dislocated Worker Program would be suspended.

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