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Polluted waters: A long and costly cleanup
Polluted waters: A long and costly cleanup
Minnesota's waters becoming more polluted
Pollution pricetag is hard to comprehend
Drainage ditches cause pollution; oversight is spotty
Urban runoff a toxic brew
The campaign to save the Whitewater River
Mercury contamination presents different problems
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Mercury contamination presents different problems

Nearly two-thirds of the waters deemed impaired in Minnesota have unacceptable levels of mercury contamination.

Moorhead, Minn. — Most of the designations are for high mercury levels in fish, and many waters have advisories that recommend limiting fish consumption.

Mercury pollution is different from most other water pollution, because an estimated 90 percent of mercury in Minnesota waters comes from outside the state.

The MPCA cleanup plan for mercury calls for Minnesota companies that produce mercury to reduce environmental discharges by 93 percent from 1990 levels.

Some Minnesota industries say the mercury reduction plan is too costly and will do little to solve the problem, because so much mercury pollution comes from other states.

Environmentalists contend the MPCA has weakened proposed mercury cleanup plans in response to industry pressure.

Minnesota is preparing to submit its mercury cleanup plan to the federal Environmental Protection Agency for approval.