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Polluted waters: A long and costly cleanup
Polluted waters: A long and costly cleanup
Minnesota's waters becoming more polluted
Pollution pricetag is hard to comprehend
Drainage ditches cause pollution; oversight is spotty
Urban runoff a toxic brew
The campaign to save the Whitewater River
Mercury contamination presents different problems
A glossary of terms
Resources and links


Resources and links

A list of resources with more information about water pollution in Minnesota.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: Background on Minnesota's impaired waters.

MPCA: Citizen stream-monitoring program.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: Background on Minnesota's watersheds.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture: Chemical Monitoring and Assessment Programs.

Association of Minnesota Counties: Background on wetland protection and drainage development (pdf).

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's Clean Water Cabinet.

Minnesota Environmental Initiative: Launched the "Clean Water Legacy" campaign in Minnesota.

University of Minnesota Water Resources Center: The WRC conducts and funds research and outreach related to water resources in the state of Minnesota.

American Clean Water Foundation: A nonprofit organization which serves as a national and international forum for citizen outreach, youth education, and technical program exchanges to promote clean water.

Environmental Protection Agency:
A state-by-state list of impaired waters throughout the U.S.

EPA: The Clean Water Act.

U.S. Geological Survey: National Water Quality Assessment Program.