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We all tell stories. It is what we do. We make sense of the world around us by talking about our lives: the good and the bad, the strange, the funny, the sad and anything in between.

Here are a few collected stories from people talking about life as they know it.

Let us know. If we think it would make a good Real Stories segment, we'll contact you.
James Brown grew up in the Twin Cities during the 1930s and 40s. He lived in a racially mixed neighborhood - but the mixing only went so far.
Rashid Mursal was born in Somalia, but later found himself at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis. He was new to the country and had to learn a few things.
Eric Bergeson grew up on a farm and remembers the day a construction crew unearthed a human skull in front of his family's house.
David Lavelle was an army medic who spent a year in Iraq. Here is his account of a roadside incident involving a walrus mustache and a big kiss on the lips.
Duluth resident Charles Stalling remembers some hard lessons about racism during World War II.
Bill Berg knows animals. He lives in northern Minnesota and spent 30 years as a research biologist. But there's one early morning that stands out in his memory.
Eric Bergeson -- Death is different in the country
Eric Bergeson -- A deputy's painted toenails
Jim Ellofson -- Small town mayor and a skunk
Barbara Flanagan -- Meeting Elizabeth Taylor
Chris Godsey -- Still getting butterflies in the classroom
Helmi Harrington -- Power and the accordian
David Lavelle -- Army medic in Iraq
J.D. Lundgren -- Hunting with his father.
Paul Lundgren -- Seems like a hip guy, but he's not.
Paul Ojanen -- Recalls death of an addict
Ken Porwoll -- Memories of Bataan Death March
Paul Schultz -- An out-of-body experience
Walter Sve -- Trouble on Lake Superior
Mary Tennis -- On a farm in Italy
Gloria Weisgram -- The scariest house
Gloria Weisgram -- A tree falls in the pasture
Kevin Zepper -- Buying a Marilyn Manson CD
Kevin Zepper -- Family in a book
Kevin Zepper -- Thrift store shoppers