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The University of Minnesota was founded in 1851, eleven years before Congress included it in a new system of so-called "land grant" colleges and universities. In its 150 years, the U of M has adhered to its original land grant mission to educate the sons and daughters of Minnesota families while expanding its reach to welcome students from around the world and to become a major research institution. Can the U meet its challenge of trying to be all things to all people?
Who's in Charge? By Elizabeth Stawicki
The University of Minnesota runs on vision, influence, money, and dreams. No one tames it, yet many think they can.

Dueling Missions By Tim Pugmire
The U of M's General College is at the heart of a struggle with the U's dueling missions of academic access and academic excellence.

The Generational U By Tim Pugmire
The university has been an enduring fixture throughout Minnesota's history. It's also been a constant influence for many Minnesota families who've seen several generations enrolled as students.

The U's Business
Research Is Big Business By Patty Marsicano
The university has become more protective of the fruits of its research by more aggressively seeking patents and licensing those patents to companies.

How Close Is Too Close? By Bill Catlin
Efforts to build stronger connections to business, and to commercialize innovations are occurring amid a national debate on whether academia and industry are getting too close.

The Brain Drain By Dan Olson
The institution has lost 84 faculty and nearly 100 highly trained professional staff the past five years. The university is asking Minnesota taxpayers for an additional $33 million to repair the damage.

Students and Community Life
The Role of Sports By William Wilcoxen
Changing The World By Brandt Williams
The Long Reach of The U By Mark Steil
Wired In Crookston By Bob Reha

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