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Remembering 9/11 from MPR News

Thursday September 11, 2003 marks the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. Unlike a year ago, there is evidence that the country is moving back toward "normalcy," even while continuing to mourn the victims.

Prior to the Sept. 11 anniversary, we asked our online audience to let us know how they are feeling now. Has Sept. 11 left a lasting mark on them and their family? Or has the impact of the terrorist attacks faded in the last two years. ( Read more )

Go to story Document Rain dampens turnout at St. Paul memorial
A rainstorm didn't halt the state's largest September 11 memorial ceremony Thursday night in St. Paul. Gov. Pawlenty and other leaders told a small, but dedicated, crowd that the fight against terrorism must continue. They said Minnesotans can channel their emotions into community service here at home.

Go to story Document Immigrant students offer world view of 9/11 anniversary
Teachers throughout Minnesota were asking their students to pause and reflect on the terrorist attacks of 2001. Those events are now a formal part of the history curriculum in many classrooms. But for students learning to speak English at Champlin Park High School, the two-year anniversary was simply a time to share their emotions and unique perspectives of the world.

Go to story Document Children's voices in song, reading names of the lost mark Sept. 11 anniversary
The voices of children marked the profound horror and grief of Sept. 11, joining in song at ground zero Thursday and reading the names of 2,792 loved ones who died there exactly two years ago. Two hundred children and young adults, each of whom lost a relative in the most devastating terrorist assault in U.S. history, approached the microphones in pairs and began reading the names as hundreds of victims' relatives listened. Many in the crowd hugged one another and prayed.

Go to story Document More fear increased terror threat
More people now think the war in Iraq has increased the risk of terrorism in the United States than think it has reduced that risk, a major shift on this issue since mid-April, say new polls released almost two years after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Go to story Document Two years after terror attacks, U.S. Muslims work past the shock
American Muslims are re-emerging in more active, visible roles in society. Some are teaching classes on Islam to non-Muslims, while others organize voter registration drives, or speak out against laws like the USA Patriot Act and its anti-terrorism provisions they consider discriminatory.


Go to story Audio Memorials to 9/11
Two years after the tragedy, the memorializing of the dead of Sept. 11 is taking shape. What do the proposals say about us and how we publicly grieve? Guests: Thomas Fisher, dean of the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota; Dean Malenius, who designed the 9/11 memorial at the Minntac mine. ( Listen )

Go to story Audio Sharing feelings
MPR's Midday program opens its phone lines in a special Talk of Minnesota broadcast asking how people view their lives in the context of 9/11. ( Listen )


Patriot Days ceremony. Speaker: Lt. Col. Robert Billers. Fireworks Fridley High School football stadium, 6100 W. Moore Lake Dr. 8-9 p.m.

University of Minnesota Interfaith Campus Coalition prayer service. U's Northrop Plaza. 12 p.m.

United We Sing, Cathedral of St. Paul, 7 p.m. Three men's barbershop choruses sing.

Our Community Remembers concert, featuring various orchestras and choruses. Lake Harriet Band Shell, Minneapolis. 7 p.m. More

St. Paul,
Minnesota remembers victims of the terrorist attacks. Speakers include Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Sen. Mark Dayton, Sen. Norm Coleman, friends and family of Tom Burnett and others. Midway Stadium. Energy Park Drive, St. Paul.Thursday, 7-9 p.m. (Listen to an interview for more information)

Bismarck, N.D.
Speakers include Gov. John Hoeven, Deputy Prime Minister John Manley, Manitoba Premier Gary Doer, U.S. Ambassador Paul Cellucci, and U.S. Consul General Todd Swartz. 11 a.m. International Peace Garden. (Listen to an interview for more information)


Go to story Document War on Terrorism
The original series of stories, photographs, and audio stemming from the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Includes months of follow-up coverage on Minnesota Public Radio.

Go to story Document Understanding America
A 2002 look at how the terrorist attacks changed America. This project was a week-long series on public radio stations across the nation.

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