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Money for schools not for war
The learning gap is a reflection of misplaced priorities. We seem to have endless dollars to fund death and destruction in Iraq while neglecting education and basic needs of our children.

We have the knowledge base to address the current learning gap and many excellent programs in place such as Title 1 funding and special education services; unfortunately these programs are chronically underfunded.

When the legislation was passed in 1972 creating our special education programs the federal government was mandated to cover 54% of the cost of programming with states providing the balance. The feds have never covered more than 17% of the costs for the services they mandated. Similarly the current “No Child Left Behind” legislation is filled with punitive mandates and endless testing requirements but fails the schools in providing the dollars needed to carry out those mandates.

Created on 09/23/04 by David Winkler-Morey of Minneapolis, MN

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Created on 10/12/04 by Mary Wilmes of South St. Paul, MN

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Created on 10/12/04 by Kim Bennett of St. Paul, MN

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Created on 09/30/04 by Aneesa Parks of Minneapolis, MN

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Created on 09/29/04 by Susan Marsh of Minneapolis, MN

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Created on 09/28/04 by Holly Peterson of St. Paul, MN

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The hard part is getting the idea across to a large number of people. Money for education has to come from somewhere, schools are not bootstrapped businesses they are cost centers. I think we need a show like Sesame Street for adults to illuminate subjects that require critical thinking skills, discussion and cooperation.

Created on 09/25/04 by Ed Vogel of Minneapolis, MN

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