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Adequate funding
Increase funding for schools to levels comparable (per pupil) to levels of the late 1990s. This means including adjustments for inflation, increased health care insurance costs, increased transportation costs (price of fuel), and other items. Adequate funding, similar to that of the late '90s, would allow smaller classes size and other improvements which would help schools and benefit society.

Created on 09/25/04 by Janet Keysser of Golden Valley, MN

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Rating: 5 rating

Created on 02/22/05 by Ashley Lundin of Eden Prairie, MN

Rating: 1 rating
We have been pouring money into the education rathole for far too long, and all we have succeeded in doing is driving up the price and lowering the quality. If you compare the cost/performance of just the Districts in Minnesota, you will find out that the best indicator of low achievement is high expenditures! Throwing more money at the problem just makes it worse. Stop the madness!

Created on 10/15/04 by Jerry Ewing of Apple Valley, MN

Rating: 1 rating

Created on 10/12/04 by Ericca Maas of Saint Paul, MN

Rating: 4 rating

Created on 10/12/04 by Kim Bennett of St. Paul, MN

Rating: 1 rating

Created on 10/12/04 by Elizabeth Mische of Saint Paul, MN

Rating: 5 rating
Adequate funding is a must! How are schools suppose to educate with excellence and meet all the demands that state and national mandates and programs set if there is no money to do it with.
Schools cannot resort to magic.

Jack and the Beanstalk, King Midas, and the Goose who laid the golden egg are fictional!! It's time those in government and influential places remember how they got there. They were EDUCATED in a school!

Created on 10/06/04 by Jane Cote of Luverne, MN

Rating: 5 rating

Created on 10/01/04 by Victoria Ford of St. Paul, MN

Rating: 4 rating
This is a good beginning. This is my 35th year in public school education in Minnesota. I am a middle school principal. The increased costs of educating at risk kids, the less than inflation funding of the 90's, the No New Taxes Campaign from 2001-2004, and the underfunding of Special Ed and NCLB have slowly eroded the power of the public schools to provide quality education.
To provide a quality education for all, adequate funding is a necessary precondition!

Created on 09/30/04 by Patricia Welter of Waite Park, MN

Rating: 5 rating

Created on 09/30/04 by Aneesa Parks of Minneapolis, MN

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