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As an educator, I've heard people discuss the real gap in education -- that between white teachers and students of color. Until teachers get specific training to address this gap and until more people of color are encouraged and supported to become educators in Minnesota, I'm not sure that the gap will narrow in coming years.

Created on 09/25/04 by Kevin Ward of St. Paul, MN

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Created on 10/12/04 by Elizabeth Mische of Saint Paul, MN

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As both an urban teacher (M.C.T.C.) and a parent of kids in Minneapolis schools, I was struck by the insight in Kevin Ward's comment.Some African American teachers and scholars, raised in segregated schools, have discussed the current achievement gap as the post Brown v. Board of Education manifestation of ongoing segregation in American schools. Many white teachers still do not understand the cultural diversity in their classrooms. So smaller schools and classes, and more teachers of color!

Created on 10/08/04 by Kathleen DeVore of Minneapolis, MN

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Created on 10/01/04 by Victoria Ford of St. Paul, MN

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