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College assistance for those with good grades
In Tennessee, and perhaps other states, you can go to state colleges for little or no money if your GPA meets a certain level. Therefore, students see a real need to do well in high school. The assistance is color-blind, and blind to financial need and athletic ability. They have truly put their money where there mouth is and made it possible for all who work hard to continue their education. Come on Minnesota - we can do better by our youth!!!!

Created on 09/28/04 by Susan Marsh of Minneapolis, MN

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Rating: 5 rating

Created on 10/12/04 by Elizabeth Mische of Saint Paul, MN

Rating: 5 rating

Created on 10/01/04 by Victoria Ford of St. Paul, MN

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Created on 09/29/04 by Maren Amdal of Minneapolis, MN

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