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Prepare future urban teachers
I am an instructor in the Urban Teacher Program (UTP) at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, which is "committed to increasing the number of teachers who will improve the academic performance and nurture the growth and development of urban learners from diverse communities."(MCTC UTP Mission Statement).

The core experience for our UTP students--who are committed to closing the achievement gap in Minnesota--is their collaboration in urban-focused learning communities and immersion in an integrated curriculum focusing on the needs of the urban learner. They participate in a series of urban seminars which provide community-based action research, on-site examination of urban school settings, and finally, experience working as Public Achievement coaches in the public schools in a collaboration with the Humphrey Center at the U of M.

UTP students finish the first two years of teacher training with skills that they can bring to the urban classroom. This model is one that can help.

Created on 10/08/04 by Jane Leach of Minneapolis, MN

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I think this program will be successful in creating quality, urban teachers because it will prepare them to teach effectively in the environment that surrounds the students. If teachers aren't aware of students environments, how can teachers know what the students need? Since students learn from both, we can't place students in schools that don't correlate with their environment. This program will allow teachers to address the needs of the urban learner appropriately.

Created on 11/21/04 by Winona State Univ. Student of Winona, MN

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Created on 10/12/04 by Elizabeth Mische of Saint Paul, MN

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