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Require top companies to invest!
There are businesses in America that are making millions of dollars in profit every year. I believe that the owners and boards of these companies have proven their proficiency in investment, innovation, management, development, etc. Why shouldn't we expect some social leadership from these companies? After all, we are the people that work their minimum wage jobs, buy their products and services, and provide the infrastructure for their success.

Therefore, I believe that instead of relying solely on the government to provide programs, we need to set up high expectations for community involvement from at least the top ten companies in America.

To improve parent participation:

- Set up local literacy programs. Not just giving out books, but paid time off for reading a certain ammount of books to each child every month. Companies provide books, a local action group to administer the program, and paid leave. Every parent has 5 minutes to read to their child, and would find the time if they had a greater incentive. Start in hospital at birth.

- Paid, licensed, high-quality childcare for single parents and working families that make less than $15,000 per year.

- Set up a paid leave program so parents can spend time at their child's school. This gets the parents in the school teaming up with teachers, investing time in the child's education, or perhaps attending an in-school workshop that educates and enhances parental skills.

- Businesses encourage parental involvement in at-home-work by offering the chance to earn a free computer, basic necessities, education, transportation, etc. Reward parents who sign off on homework every night, attend teacher conferences with an interpreter, and have consistant parent/teacher communication. (For immigrant families - offer communications in their language!)

Created on 10/08/04 by Jessica Sundheim of Ortonville, MN

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Rating: 5 rating
Brillian suggestions. We need to be innovative and creative in our thinking.

Created on 05/05/07 by Candice Palmer-James of Farmington, MN

Rating: 1 rating
Just another way to say "make the village raise the kid"

Created on 10/15/04 by Sue McCarville of Hopkins, MN

Rating: 1 rating
Businesses have no obligation to provide anything but the job agreed upon between themselves and the employees they hire. This proposition suggests that it is the employee that creates all the wondereful things thatthe companies accomplish. But ask yourself, who would even have a job (other than subsistence farming) if it weren't for that employeer. The obligation for these family and community benefits rests with the indiviuals who want them, not the employers.

Created on 10/13/04 by Daniel Van Bogart of Maple Grove, MN

Rating: 1 rating
Highly unrealistic and do we really want to live in a country where the government compels businesses to compel parents to parent?

Created on 10/12/04 by Cathy Lombard of Minneapolis, MN

Rating: 1 rating
We are very lucky in Minnesota to have one of the most giving corporate cultures in the country. In fact, most major MN companies are already voluntarily giving 2% of their pretax earnings. I think it is more than obvious to businesses that this issue is important to their futures. The remaining question, then is why aren't they giving to the public education system. Perhaps they have realized what others should. Pure dollars are not going to fix a monopoly system driven by a labor union.

Created on 10/12/04 by Ericca Maas of Saint Paul, MN

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Corporations have been "investing" in public schools for years,through their taxes (if they pay any) and through substantial charitable contributions as PR. See: Target Corporation, Wells Fargo, Honeywell, ADM, Cargill, banks and brokerage firms, advised donor funds...

What difference can money make if the same cadre of administrators, teachers, and union stewards apply this resource year after year after year?

If money helps, give it directly to parents & kids. They'll improve learning.

Created on 10/12/04 by Elizabeth Mische of Saint Paul, MN

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