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Study Cultures Continually instead during a "special month"
As teachers it is our goal to be able to reach ALL of our students in a manner that makes learning meaningful to each individual. I think one idea that can be implemented is to not limit the study of accomplishments to a particular culture only during the "special month."

For example, do not just learn about the African American culture during Black History Month. Why do we need to celebrate such accomplishments etc only once a year? Instead the diversity of cultures would be highlighted continually throughout the school year. Students need to see how other cultures other than whites have contributed to the world.

Guest speakers of all diversity should be encouraged to come speak to classes and share about their life and struggles and how they overcome these struggles to get where they are in the world today. The words of people who have overcome adversity etc. are more powerful than any book.

Created on 10/11/04 by Farmer Lisa of LeMars, IA

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Rating: 4 rating

Created on 10/18/04 by nada bushey of duluth, MN

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