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Perspectives from a Minority Forum on Education
The Policy Roundtable (MN) hosted a forum on minority perspectives on educational issues. Here are some core recommendations:

- While minorities are supportive of the recent legislation bringing more accountability in K-12 education, they also insist that the child should be the center of all education reforms and that testing should not take the place of the holistic development of the child.

- There needs to be more systematic data collected on classroom size, in-school vs. out-of-school suspension, textbook availability and usage, and parental involvement. This information needs to be linked to individual student performance.

- We need to better coordinate the training of teachers with the needs of the schools to ensure that our new teachers have both high academic standards as well as cultural competency.

- Finally, there should be adequate resources allocated to the proper implementation of K-12 educational reforms.

Created on 10/12/04 by Bruce Corrie of Saint Paul, MN

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Rating: 5 rating

Created on 07/28/05 by c s of st paul, MN

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