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The Education Achievement Gap: Minnesota's Embarrassment
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How society must help close the gap--part 1
• Institutionalized racism is not only present in schools, but it is widespread in our society. Closing the achievement gap in schools with students of color who have been historically underserved and white students requires society working to close the gap in family incomes, home ownership, health care, criminal justice, etc.

African American, Latino and Native American youth and families have survived centuries of oppression in relation to schooling and beyond, and yet there still is not equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream. My two white children started their lives with an advantage having two parents who love each other, are employed with middle class income, are educated with college degrees, and have access to good health care and housing.

Created on 10/14/04 by Paul Spies of Minneapolis, MN

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Paul Spies is correct, I think, in determining that economic and social advantages make a big difference in how a well most children achieve in school, no matter what their race.

The problem may well be that a form of covert racism results in minority groups being disproportionately impoverished.

It would be convenient for me to believe that as a white educated person that I have attained everything I have through merit, but much of my success is the result of snowballed advantages early in li

Created on 01/13/05 by G. L. Ogren of Boise, ID

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