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How society must help close the gap--part 2
Jonathan Kozol questions how our society can allow the funding and achievement gap to exist in our “civilized” society in his book Savage Inequalities (1991).

As long as those who are served with opportunity don’t see it in their interest to close the gap in schooling and beyond, we will continue to allow the gap to exist. One of the biggest false rationalizations for ignoring or accepting unequal educational opportunity in our society is belief in the myth that our society is based solely on merit and how hard one works. There are a lot of people of color who work much harder and longer than I’ll ever work for a fraction of the pay and benefits I have received in my middle class profession.

Society should hold high standards for students, teachers, parents and schools, but those standards must be more than narrowly defined pieces of information and standardized tests.

Created on 10/14/04 by Paul Spies of Minneapolis, MN

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