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Misplaced spending priorities & inequitable funding
Over the past two decades, more than half of the states in our country have had court cases challenging the inequity of funding systems for urban public school students where most of their students of color go to school. Equity does not mean equality; equity means providing resources according to need and our government must devote the resources to close the gap (teacher pay, teacher training, teacher time, updated facilities, curriculum and technology, etc.) like it easily does in spending billions on prisons and war without public referenda to raise taxes.

As long as the "haves" in our society continue to support school funding based on local property taxes for a significant portion of revenues, we will continue to have an achievement gap by choice or design.

Created on 10/14/04 by Paul Spies of Minneapolis, MN

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Created on 11/06/06 by N Duff of Duluth, MN

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Created on 10/15/04 by Sue McCarville of Hopkins, MN

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School funding in Minnesota is no longer based on property tax.Only few areas for which districts can levy resources remain and there is a cap on the total levy districts can raise. Recently some districts have begun to look to private fundraising to complement district revenue-and why not? Each parent deserves to use their resources to obtain the best for their child.The moral imperative is to offer low-income the same choices wealthy families have so that all parents can vote with their feet.

Created on 10/15/04 by Ericca Maas of Saint Paul, MN

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