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Retiree volunteers
As baby boomers retire, many are vigorous, well-educated and affluent. They may want to make a contribution to their community. A volunteer corps should be organized so that those willing to do the work could join for the purpose of tutoring students on a one-to-one basis in the subject matter where they are having difficulty.

Very young students may need someone just to listen to them practice their reading or math. Characteristics: no pay for volunteers, a time commitment to do the tutoring for a certain number of weeks at a particular time every week, volunteer must show up faithfully, hours available will be at the convenience of the school and student.

It would probably be good for the volunteer to work with the same student every week in order to encourage rapport between the two. Should the student (1st to 12th grade) overcome his/her difficulty, then they would be finished receiving extra help unless or until difficulty recurs.

Created on 10/14/04 by Theresa Forsythe of Apple Valley, MN

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Created on 11/07/06 by Amanda Popilek of Little Falls, MN

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Whereas other nations still have vast extended families in a single home unit, ours in America are often disconnected and in different towns. Retired folks with social connections are healthier and live longer, and kids need the wisdom of the grandparent generation involved in their life. So many retired people are lonely, and so many children of single working parents are latchkey kids left at home alone. Sometimes in our modern day, we must form our own village-havens of community for kids.

Created on 01/13/05 by G. L. Ogren of Boise, ID

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