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Invest money in education not incarceration
The solution to fixing the racial achievement gap is to shift spending from incarceration to education. Currently approximately 80% of the inmates housed in minimum security prisons are drug offenders. Of those 80%, the majority are non-white. Once released from prison, they are likely to offend again. These prisoners are not contributing to their families, nor society.

We must stop the cycle of addiction. We must focus on keeping familes together. Mandatory sentencing for drug offenders has been detrimental to the education of non-white families. We begin by ending mandatory sentencing for drug offenders. Allow judges latitude in determining which offenders are a threat to society. Next, the money that would have been spent on these prisoners should be invested in keeping families together and addressing drug addiction. Strong families, self worth, hope for the future; this will bridge the racial achievement gap.

Created on 10/14/04 by Joanna Engstrom of Minneapolis, MN

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Investing in education rather than incarceration is a fabulous idea. Most of the drug related offenders are not addicts though. Many of them are in jail over petty marijuana charges. We need to end the ridiculous "war" on people who use marijuana which is safer than cigarettes or alcohol. More people die every year from both of those already legal substances than marijuana. Most people who don't advocate for the legalization are simply unaware of the harmless nature of this substance.

Created on 05/23/07 by ShannaLee Horvik of Minneapolis, MN

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Let's get at the root of the problem and stamp out addiction so these guys can get back to taking care of their responsibilities at home! We need specialized facilities for mandatory rehab, with a goal of never having to reincarcerate these guys again. Somehow we need to rebuild the father-child sense of responsibility, and forced separation isn't going to do it. Rebuild family cohesion and accountability, where we can!

Created on 09/14/06 by G. L. Ogren of Boise, ID

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Created on 04/24/05 by K Larson of Faribault, MN

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Created on 10/22/04 by Rita Burch of St Paul, MN

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Did I get the thread correct. Drug offenders are likely to reoffend so lets not incarcerate then in the first place? Keeping families intact is a warm fuzzy idea - but - in reality if they were capable of being intact to start with - they probably wouldn't have someone incarcerateable.

Created on 10/15/04 by Sue McCarville of Hopkins, MN

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