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Parent advocacy with the gift of time
Our own personal case has proven that poor children are not always more at risk of not learning to read because their parents are poor but because their parents cannot afford the extra time required to navigate the educational bureaucracy that follows a child who needs extra help.

Most people do not realize the staggering amount of hours needed to successfully advocate for a child needing extra help in school because of a learning disability. It is a system built to afford only the rich and the extremely lucky passage to a lifetime of rewards that only an education can offer if you are among those with a learning disability.

Things to do:
1. Laws for parents to advocate inexpensively.
2. Evaluate every child coming into school by the end of first grade if they have not met specfic educational goals.
3. Teach staff and peers about learning different learning styles.
4. Fund schools to overhaul teaching materials schools use.
5. Have parent advocates not accountable to schools

Created on 10/18/04 by Rebecca schmitt of woodbury, MN

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Indeed, a child's foremost teacher is the parents/caregivers! Many European countries view this as so vital as to provide financial or other motivators so a caregiver can work less and parent (teach) more.

Created on 12/08/04 by Karin Rutter of Edina, MN

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I think we also need to focus on putting pressure on the parents to encourage growth for their children. It's about time that parents of all races and ages take responsibility for the education of their child. And if they can't, we need to find a logical way for the district to help. The gift of time is the time that each parent spends with their child; reading, writing, and encouraging knowledge. There is no excuse why any parent doesnt have five minutes of time to sit with their child.

Created on 11/28/04 by Stefanie Swanson of Roseville, MN

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