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Employer support for sending volunteers to read with children
As a parent and volunteer with 8 years experience in St. Paul public schools I know the value of spending just 30 minutes to one hour per week reading with a child. Employers have a wonderful opportunity to invest in the future lives of future workers by giving their employees one hour off per week, paid time like lunch often is covered, to volunteer at a local school reading with elementary age children.

I've learned from teachers in my children's schools that it is just as critical to have a volunteer labor pool work one-on-one, especially with below fluency and grade level readers, as it is is to have a volunteer labor pool for site councils and the PTA.

I recommend that each company in every city, and even public sector employers, calculate the potential upside for having their employees take off one hour a week to read with a child in terms of future return on investment. If a child continues reading below grade level it becomes nearly impossible to ever catch up.

Created on 10/19/04 by Stacey Millett of St. Paul, MN

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Created on 11/06/06 by N Duff of Duluth, MN

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