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The Education Achievement Gap: Minnesota's Embarrassment
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Fixing the Gap
Schools need to identify students of color who are struggling at an early age. By the end of first grade, these students should be assessed to identify their specific needs and struggles. Students who score consistently below their white classmates should be offered different options to help fix the problem.

Schools could offer a summer school program and highly encourage these identified students to attend. After-school programs with tutors and volunteers could be organized for these students to receive extra help and assistance. Parent programs should also be utilized to encourage involvement outside of the classroom.

Overall, the sooner schools identify students who are scoring lower than white classmates, the sooner proactive strategies can be used to help them learn more effectively and narrow the achievement gap. Schools should make early intervention a top priority.

Created on 10/19/04 by Liza Tegeler of Elkader, IA

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