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Utilizing curriculum ideas designed by community members
We live in a global society. The literature that is presented to our children in the classroom should reflect that. If it does not, then all students, particularly, those not represented, are at a decided disadvantage.

Why not begin to use materials designed by people who grew up in the community -- people who are products of public school systems; people who care about the kids, because they are their kids?

The Triangleheads and Their Friends is a curriculum that embraces diversity. It embraces the philosophy that we are alike in many ways, but at the same time we are also very different. It takes into account students who may be at the same grade level, but who have dissimilar educational footing.

Background, environment and curricula exposure have a huge impact on the academic foundation on which a student will have to build on. Some students’ academic environment and background knowledge are such that they have been exposed to very rigorous curricula, others have not.

Created on 10/20/04 by Valerie Rose of Eagan, MN

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