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Environmental learning
According to a study done by Dr. Gerald Lieberman and Mrs. Linda Hoody of the State board of education, environmental-based learning has been a proven success in closing the achievment gap.

I was particularly intrigued by the study, because of the constructivist teaching method. EIC (Environmentally Integrated Context) involves students creating their own knowledge through topics of their interest. By allowing students to choose their curriculum and follow their own path in learning, the student will take ownership of his/her own learning. By taking ownership and pride in what they have done, students are more likely to succeed.

According to Lieberman and Hoody, EIC breaks down traditional boundaries between disciplines, provides hands-on learning experiences, adapts to individual students needs, and develops an understanding and appreciation of the community and natural surroundings. These are all important when students are to create their own knowledge from learning experiences.

Created on 11/22/04 by Winona State University Student of Winona, MN

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Created on 11/28/04 by Sara Wolff of Winona, MN

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