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Reduce class sizes
One of the many steps toward better education would be to reduce class sizes so there is a smaller teacher-student ratio. Wisconsin's Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) program, which involved reducing class sizes, came to the conclusion that "class-size reduction benefits all students, but its effects (were) especially powerful for African Americans."

As a future teacher, I completely agree that reducing class sizes can greatly benefit ALL students' learning. Smaller class sizes can allow more teaching strategies to be implemented, such as hands-on activities. When there is a smaller teacher-student ratio, students can get more one-on-one time with teachers, and teachers can get to know and understand their students. Knowing our students is very important because it helps us develop teaching strategies to fit their learning styles.

Created on 11/22/04 by WSU Student of Winona, MN

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Rating: 5 rating

Created on 11/06/06 by N Duff of Duluth, MN

Rating: 3 rating
This idea of reducing class sizes can be both beneficial to the students and teachers. Smaller class sizes allows for more time to be spent on meeting the individial needs of each student. The benefits for teachers is that this allows teachers to teach material, meet the standards and allow time for students that need extra help. If the effects of this were powerful for all students, it only seems realistic to limit the the number of students in a classroom.

Created on 11/28/04 by WSU Student of Winona, MN

Rating: 4 rating
I agree that reducing class sizes might help in reducing the achievement gap. As a future teacher, I have learned the importance of planning lessons that every student can benefit from. This becomes a problem when the teacher has so many students to figure out learning stlyes for. Wouldn't it be wonderful if teachers were able to interact with their students more frequently, therefore learning their student's learning style earlier on in the year? Reducing class sizes would help.

Created on 11/28/04 by WSU Student of Winona, MN

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