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Pointing fingers won't work
When looking at the achievement gap each group likes to point fingers at the others. Teachers and schools blame parents for not feeding their children or providing exposure to books. Society blames the schools for not providing enough support or extra help for students in need. Others blame the students for being unmotivated or underachievers.

Pointing fingers will not help. All these groups need to come together to help the students. The students are who really matter and who we should all be focused on. Families, schools, teachers, and society all need to focus on the children.

Created on 11/22/04 by Winona State University Student of Winona, MN

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Rating: 4 rating
Since I began my K-12 teaching in the early 70's pointing fingers has been a common occurrence in any education reform movements. I would certain agree that this needs to stop. It's time all of the stakeholders in our children's educational future take proactive steps to help all of our students, especially students of color, achieve to their ability.

Created on 02/20/07 by Kay Lutz of Duluth, MN

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