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All-day Kindergarten
I say why not start early? School is where children are shaped into knowledgeable adults. Children should be attending all day kindergarten in an effort to start developing the necessary skills to succeed in school. Starting children right away will give each of them the opportunity to be exposed to all the essential materials needed to be successful in school.

In the article titled Racial Learning Gap Defies Easy Explanation or Solution by Tim Pugmire it is stated that “less than half the kids in Minneapolis start kindergarten with essential literacy skills…” Later in that article Principal Nell Collier says “getting those children enrolled in all-day kindergarten, rather than the traditional half-day, can help close the achievement gap early.”

I strongly agree with the statement by Nell Collier. I feel that exposing every child to reading materials at the same age will give them the chance to advance their skills at a similar rate; this can be done by having all-day kindergarten. Why not start all-day schooling in kindergarten? I believe the earlier teachers start helping children and giving them the knowledge they need to succeed the better off they will be in the long run.

Created on 11/27/04 by WSU Student of Winona, MN

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