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Programs and mentors
A couple of the ways that I feel will help close the gap is to have effective after school and summer school programs and mentor programs year round.

First, we should start identifying struggling students at the lower elementary levels (k-2).

Then we should create after school programs and summer school programs for these students. These programs should focus in three main areas, which are english, math, and science. These students should continue with these programs through out their elementary school years. If necessary, create after school and summer school programs for middle and high school students who are struggling in the three areas.

Second, we should create mentorship programs to help support the after school and summer programs. Mentors can help encourage and support the students by being their tutor and friend.

Created on 11/28/04 by sopheap kruoch of winona, MN

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Created on 11/07/06 by Amanda Popilek of Little Falls, MN

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Having help available to students is important and it can make a huge difference in whether they pass or fail at times.

Created on 11/07/06 by Kyle Smith of wright, MN

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