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Backing the money
There seems to be a huge problem in this country. When it comes to good ideas, the money goes missing. Where is the money for No Child Left Behind? This issue is contributing to the achievement gap. No money to help teachers and schools trying their best to help these children who are in need of support. Before No Child Left Behind was written, serious consideration to where the money was going to come from should have been taken into consideration.

Yet, here Americans are in another "money crisis" and making laws which require more money but don't say where it is coming from. Show me where the money is coming from and how it is all going to pan out! Our schools need money to better educate our students and yet this continues to not happen. Educators, parents, school board members, community members, and students need to know where and how the No Child Left Behind Act is going to work financially. It is time we get some answers.

Created on 11/28/04 by Sara Wolff of Winona, MN

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Funding issues regarding No Child Left Behind surfaced soon after the legislation was passed. Two years ago I read research on the cost of implementing the mandate and the money, which was promised, not turning out to be the amount that was assured to school districts. Since research also shows that highly qualified teachers have one of the most dramatic impacts on student achievement indicates that substantial funding needs to be provided to prepare teachers to work more effectively.

Created on 02/20/07 by Kay Lutz of Duluth, MN

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