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The Education Achievement Gap: Minnesota's Embarrassment
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Building students up
As I was reading this article, I felt that people were focusing so much on the racial statistics of the achievement gap instead of focusing on how to make it better. Instead of putting labels on the African American group as being the lower achievers, society needs to be working with them and building up their self-confidence.

Perhaps the problem is that the students of that race are getting labeled as low achievers before they even have to take any tests. Society needs to challenge these students to achieve instead of letting it be known that this group is the lowest achievers. If kids already have a bar set for them that isn't very high, then some may feel they don't need to work any harder, because not achieving is already expected of them. These students need people in their lives the bar high and build up their confidence.

Created on 11/29/04 by Jenni Johnson of Winona, MN

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Raising expectations helps so much in school, and to have them raised in society will just help even more.

Created on 11/07/06 by Kyle Smith of wright, MN

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This gal is right. These kids need people in their lives who offer support and encouragement and high expectations for their potential, on an individual level. Nothing will beat the investment of personal interest and heightened confidence. NO KID KNOWS THEIR POTENTIAL ON THEIR OWN.

Created on 01/13/05 by G. L. Ogren of Boise, ID

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