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What are you balancing?
The budget you are balancing is the general fund budget, which accounts for 60 percent of state spending. It pays for most state services, like schools, health care and prisons. But it doesn't include some big state obligations like transportation, which comes from special dedicated funds.

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Start the Budget Balancer

How should we spend our money? That's the question the governor, state lawmakers, and all Minnesotans have to answer as the state faces yet another two-year budget deficit.

In 2003, it was more than $4 billion.

This time it's $466 million, $1.2 billion if you add inflation. (The Legislature voted to not include inflation this year.)

Minnesota law requires a balanced budget. The governor has proposed his fix. This is your chance.

The Budget Balancer offers a range of spending and taxing options. Make your choices, but be careful! Every decision has consequences.

Then share information with us about why you chose what you did, and any additional information that will help our newsroom cover the many facets of the budget balancing process and its effects on Minnesotans.

When you're done, you'll see how your budget compares to the governor's plan. You will also be able to e-mail it to your legislator or a friend.

What kind of state do you want Minnesota to be?

Start the Budget Balancer