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The Red Lake School Shooting

What happened at Red Lake?
Residents of the Red Lake reservation in northern Minnesota struggled to understand a shooting March 21, 2005 that left 10 people dead and seven injured. The gunman was a 16-year-old student at Red Lake High School. He killed himself afterward.



Red Lake High School Document Troubled teen kills nine, and himself
The boy first shot his grandfather, then donned the man's police-issue gunbelt and bulletproof vest before heading to the high school, where he shot students and teachers at random (03/21/2005)
Document Recounting the horror of shooting spree
Document Feds: Assault at Red Lake over in nine minutes
Document Searching for reasons behind school shootings
Document Stories of heroism and survival
Document Red Lake chairman reflects on shooting and its impact
Document Teacher recalls "madness" of the Red Lake shootings


Cody Thunder Document Shooting victim: "I never thought he would do this"
Sophomore Cody Thunder says he had no idea Jeff Weise posed a threat until the 16-year-old opened fire at Red Lake High School. (03/24/2005)
Document A list of the victims
Document Easter services and funerals mark a Minnesota weekend


Jeff Weise Document Who was Jeff Weise?
It seems many people knew Jeff Weise, but few knew him well. He's been described as a loner. Students say he was sometimes teased, but rarely responded to the taunts. (03/24/2005)
Document Web postings hold clues to Weise's actions
Document Jeff Weise's enigmatic Internet persona
Document Tribal chairman's son arrested in connection with school shooting
Document E-mail gives glimpse into school shooting

Orville White Document Starting the long process of healing
One day after the killings, people gathered to comfort one another and pray. A prayer circle at the Bemidji hospital brought the community, Indian and white, together. (03/22/2005)
Document Red Lake's children look to adults for answers
Document An attempt at healing on the Red Lake reservation
Document Students return to school for cleansing ceremony
Document Red Lake superintendent talks about past, present and future


Media horde Document Red Lake stunned by shooting, and spotlight
Family connections on the reservation are strong. It's hard to find any member of the Red Lake band who's not lost a relative in the shooting. (03/22/2005)
Document Strong emotions lie close to the surface


Prozac Document Shooting fuels debate over safety of Prozac for teens
Family members of Jeff Weise say they have questions about the medication he was taking up until the day of the shootings in Red Lake. Weise was taking the antidepressant Prozac. The shootings renewed the controversy over the use of antidepressants in children and adolescents. (03/25/2005)
Document Quick police response is big change from Columbine
Document Red Lake tragedy may help bridge racial divide
Document Tensions within Red Lake tribe reach the surface

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