Singing in the Shadow of AIDS
The Countries
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Jonah Eller-Isaacs
Broadcast on The Current - 12/01/05

In 2003, Jonah Eller-Isaacs founded The Music is Life Project. He spent six months traveling alone through sub-Saharan Africa documenting how people were using music as an effective tool in fighting HIV and AIDS.

Audio About the Project

Pearson Chirambo
From Malawi - An Impoverished Nation

Chirambo is on the board of a decentralized orphanage called Future Vision Ministries in Rumphi, a small town in northern Malawi. He frankly discusses the realities of life in the midst of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, including the death of his brother and his subsequent adoption of his brother's nine children.

Audio Introduction
Audio How many people are living with HIV in your area?
Audio What are the problems facing Future Vision Ministries?
Audio What is the impact of AIDS on Future Vision Ministries?
Audio What is role of the arts in HIV education?
Audio Personal story

Dr. Trywell Nyirongo
From Malawi - An Impoverished Nation

Dr. Nyirongo attended high school here in the Twin Cities and went on to attend medical school internationally before founding a series of clinics in his home region in northern Malawi. He talks about the challenges of providing medical care to a community stricken with HIV/AIDS, as well as the efficacy of music-based health education.

Audio Intro/AIDS in Malawi
Audio National strategies
Audio Music education
Audio Personal impact
Audio Confronting HIV

Nassoro Ally
From Tanzania - Hip Hop Warriors

Ally is a Program Assistant for Community Mobilization for the Ishi Campaign, a highly successful mass media HIV/AIDS awareness organization. He explains the situation with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania and the ways Ishi uses hip-hop to deliver their message to youth.

Audio Intro to Ishi
Audio Youth statistics
Audio AIDS in Tanzania
Audio Hip-hop
Audio Mass media
Audio How has AIDS changed your life?
Audio Behavior Change
Audio Condoms
Audio Finding Hope
Audio Struggling with Life in Africa

Sister Mary Owens
From Kenya - Songs of Forgotten Children

Owens has worked in Kenya for 30 years, and has been a senior official at the Nyumbani Institute since its inception. Nyumbani supports HIV-positive orphaned children, and Owens tells intriguing stories of the history of Nyumbani and helping these forgotten children to find hope.

Audio Introduction & History of Nyumbani
Audio The First Child
Audio Life is Hope
Audio Disclosure
Audio Discrimination
Audio Stories
Audio Watoto wa Mungu

Joel Isabirye
From Uganda - A National Transformation

Joel Isabirye is a Ugandan music historian and DJ. He talks about the role of music throughout Uganda's history, from kingdoms to state-sponsored bands. He also shares the pain of growing up in the 1990s as HIV/AIDS was ravaging the nation.

Audio Music in Uganda
Audio Government and music
Audio Traditional Music
Audio Edutainment
Audio Stigma and Philly Lutaaya
Audio DJ Berry and socially-responsible musicians
Audio Sex in Uganda
Audio Impact of Philly Lutaaya
Audio The 1990s