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The remains of farm life
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Klancher's grandfather's tractor. The photo was taken one of the last times it was used, in the woods near Willard, Wisconsin. (Photo by Lee Klancher)

St. Paul, Minn. — At the turn of the last century, close to half of all Americans lived in rural areas. Over the last 100 years, though, the number of farmers has dropped so low that by 1993, the U.S. Census stopped counting the number of people living on farms.

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Image Tractor in the Pasture

Lee Klancher is one Minnesotan who mourns the loss of the country's rural communities. His latest book, Tractor in the Pasture, showcases the remnants of a dying lifestyle. The publication offers 140 photographs of old tractors, and is Klancher's second book highlighting the beauty of farm machinery.

Klancher, who grew up along the banks of the Brill River in northern Wisconsin, typically writes for motorcycle and outdoor magazines. But he told MPR's All Things Considered host David Molpus he just can't resist a rusted old tractor.

To listen to Klancher's interview with Molpus, click the audio link in the right column.

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