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Ad Watch - Campaign 2002
By Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota Public Radio
September 20, 2002

MPR's Laura McCallum and Mark Zdechlik with Professor Ronald J. Faber of the University of Minnesota review this year's election advertising. Watch for additions to the series through the fall campaigns. Our 2000, 1998 and 1996 campaign advertising feature includes some historically significant ads that remain available.

Gubernatorial candidates increase TV ads :New television ads in Minnesota's gubernatorial race are filling the airwaves around the state. DFLer Roger Moe and Independence Party candidate Tim Penny started running their first TV ads this week. the Republican Party is running an ad that criticizes both Moe and Penny, and the Green Party's Ken Pentel is adding TV ads too. (Oct. 2, 2002)
Featured Ads:
Tim Pawlenty (Taxman)
Tim Pawlenty (Popups)
Tim Penny (Sheep)
Tim Penny (See-saw)
Roger Moe (Heroes)
Ken Pentel (1-2-3)

Wellstone, Coleman duel with Social Security ads : A new round of ads may have made it more difficult to figure out just what Minnesota's two leading U.S. Senate candidates have in mind for the Social Security system. The campaigns of Sen. Paul Wellstone and challenger Norm Coleman are airing Social Security ads criticizing each other's positons. But none of the ads does much to explain just what the candidates would do for the keeping the system solvent. (Sep. 20, 2002)
Featured Ad:
Coleman Social Security (Download mpeg video)

With time running out, gloves come off: An ad put together by the Republican Party of Minnesota attacks Wellstone for votes against military spending, tax cuts and welfare reform. (Sep. 16, 2002)
Featured Ads:
12 Years (Download mpeg video)

Coleman, Wellstone tangle over social security: Republican Norm Coleman's U.S. Senate campaign is accusing incumbent Democrat Sen. Paul Wellstone of using scare tactics in a new television ad about Social Security. Wellstone is standing behind the ad and some political analysts disagree on whether the Wellstone's social security message is misleading. (Aug. 29, 2002)
Featured Ads:
Social Security (Download Windows Media Player video)

New attack ads target Wellstone: The first television attack ad in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race has prompted candidates on both sides to call for it to be taken off the air. A group called Citizens Opposed to Racism and Discrimination is running an ad calling DFL Sen. Paul Wellstone a liar and a millionaire. The Wellstone campaign says the ad is just the latest in a series of attack ads run by outside interest groups.(Aug. 14, 2002)
Featured Ads:
Millionaire (Download Windows Media Player video)
Kennedy comparison (sound from radio ad)

Education ad causes flap between Senate camps: Republican Senate candidate Norm Coleman is defending claims about education in his campaign's latest TV ad. The chair of the St. Paul School Board is among a group of Democrats calling the ad misleading and demanding the Coleman campaign pull it off the air. (June 3, 2002) Featured Ads:
Norm Coleman on Education (Download Windows Media Player video)

Claiming Credit: If recent television ads are any indication, education will be one of the top issues in this year's U.S. Senate race. An ad for Republican Norm Coleman touts Coleman's educational achievements during his two terms as mayor of St. Paul. Democrats say Coleman is taking credit for things he didn't do. (April 19, 2002) Featured Ads:
Norm Coleman (Video)
Paul Wellstone (Download Windows Media Player video)

March 25, 2002: In advance of the caucuses, two Republican candidates for governor - Tim Pawlenty and Brian Sullivan - have been running ads to introduce themselves to voters.

Featured Ads:
Brian Sullivan (Sound from TV ad)
Tim Pawlenty (Sound from radio ad)


Ronald J. Faber is professor of mass communications in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. He'll analyze political advertising in Minnesota during the campaign of 2002. Learn more.