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COMPLETE AUDIO of The Fertility Race installments broadcast on public radio stations (RealAudio 2.0 14.4 kbps).

1 From Barren to Infertile Part 1 and
From Barren to Infertile Part 2 (11/19/97)

2 The Biological Imperative (12/22/97)

3 The Fertility Industry (2/5/98)

4 Surrogate Motherhood (3/19/98)

5 HIV and Fertility (4/23/98)

6 Two Men and a Baby (5/28/98)

These additional fertility-related stories include audio and transcripts.

Supreme Court Ruling by Stephen Smith.
A report on the June 25, 1998 decision that people with HIV qualify for legal protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act.(06/30/98)

Minnesota Surrogacy Center by Stephen Smith.
The first center in Minnesota for surrogate motherhood is drawing opposition even before it opens. (03/20/98)

Keeping the Brake on Embryo Research by Stephen Smith.
Ban on federal funding of embryo research slows medical advances. (02/06/98)

Cloning Bans Could Have Impact on Infertility Treatments by Stephen Smith.
Laws to ban human cloning could have an impact on treatments for infertile couples. (01/09/98)

The High Cost of Fertility by Catherine Winter.
The number of multiple births in the US has been climbing for the past two decades. (11/20/97)

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