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[The Fertility Race]
A continuing series about the
social implications of infertility and
the advanced reproductive techniques
designed to correct the condition.

[ The Decision to Donate ]
Many women who decided to have a family late in life are now finding problems conceiving. For some, finding egg donors has been the solution.

[ Infertility Insurance ]
Infertility advocates say that the failure of insurance companies to cover fertility procedures is discriminatory.

[ No Money for Eggs ]
The British - faced with few options - are forced to reconsider how they approach fertility treatment.

[ Twenty Years of Test Tube Babies ]
While becoming more commonplace, the once-controversial procedure of in vitro fertilization still doesn't guarantee results.

[ Two Men and a Baby ]
It's now possible for gay male couples to have genetically related children through in vitro fertilization and surrogacy.

[ HIV and Fertility ]
Some HIV-infected couples are considering a direction in their lives once thought impossible: having children.

[ Surrogate Motherhood ]
Learn about the changing practice of surrogacy and meet two women who've carried babies for other couples.

[ The Fertility Industry ]
Discover a world where clinics compete fiercely for customers, doctors become entrepreneurs, and patients are promised a baby or their money back.

[ The Biological Imperative ]
Why do people go to such great lengths to produce a biological offspring? Meet some who share their own experiences.

[ From Barren to Infertile ]
Explore how changes in cultural mores and advances in medical science have influenced American attitudes about infertility since the colonial era.

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