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Minnesota Public Radio presents The Fertility Race Part Four: Surrogate Motherhood by Stephen Smith

Map of Surrogacy Laws
State by state information from T.A.S.C.(MPR not responsible for accuracy.)

Surrogate Motherhood
Complete audio of the public radio feature.

Being Surrogates
While the decision to become a surrogate is a complex one, it does make for interesting conversation.

Minnesota Surrogacy Center
A Minneapolis lawyer says she will open the first center in Minnesota for surrogate motherhood.

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Fertility Race Home
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SURROGATE MOTHERHOOD has been a controversial practice ever since the widely-publicized "Baby M" case in 1986. That's when surrogate mother Mary Beth Whitehead fought an unsuccessful court battle for custody of the child she was paid to bear for another couple. Since then, a quiet and fundamental change has swept through the business known as "commercial surrogacy." Unlike Mary Beth Whitehead, most surrogate mothers today are not genetically related to the children they carry. That fact may increase both the number of babies born this way and the legal security of the arrangements.

This report includes audio, images, and links to additional information.
A House for the Baby to Grow in
Meet Justy, a gestational carrier.
Fundamental Change
"Traditional surrogates" are becoming less common.
Continuing Controversy
The moral implications of gestational surrogacy.
Just Business or Just Friends?
Carla formed a strong relationship with the biological parents.
Justy Delivers
Justy gives birth to Catherine and David's baby.

March 19, 1998

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