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Tanya's dog Roxy wears a protective hood, called a cone, used to keep her from disturbing the stitches from a recent surgery. Health concerns are a normal occurrence in the Torres' household, even when it comes down to trips to the vet for their dog.

Tanya and a close friend, Yelhsa Claypoole, 14, hang out in Tanya's living room, laughing and swapping stories.

With her breakfast, Tanya gulps down a handful of pills. Making fun of her morning elixir, she joked to her mother, I'll have a glass of orange juice with a Loritab on the side, please.

Tanya lies down on her bed while her substitute home health care nurse Bill Connell checks on her Infusa Port, (check the medical term) a long term IV that she has in her chest. He tried unsuccessfully to flush the port with blood thinner to keep it from clogging. Because Tanya had been experiencing problems with her port, she needed a home visit to confirm what she and her mother had been fearing: the inevitable surgery to replace it for a new one.

Bill Connell, a home health care nurse, checks Tanya's blood pressure while she takes a moment's reprieve from the afternoon shows on T.V. to sign her chart. Tanya loudly professes that she is a TV addict, as she spends most afternoon curled up in her guest room glued to the tube.

A knowing hug passes between this close mother and daughter pair immediately after Brenda Torres, Tanya's mom, arrives home from work in the afternoon. She knew that this afternoon's check up would confirm Tanya's expected port replacement surgery.