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Brenda Torres, Tanya's mother, checks out her daughter's worn out port after she lets the dog out of the back. Medical terms are part of this family's normal household gargon like most moms and daughters drop names of brand name clothing.

Brenda questions her daughter, "Are you going to do it, or should I tell your dad?" as she offers the phone to Tanya. Although her parents are divorced and her father lives in Miami, Tanya brags that in her lifetime of medical treatments, her dad has been present at all her surgeries. Except one, she sheepishly adds, that wasn't a big deal anyhow. The afternoon news of the port replacement and the inevitable upcoming surgery was passed on to her father by Tanya while her mom offered support and details snuggled up close behind her.

Tanya works on a make-up activity in her first period class. Although Tanya works hard to keep up, she does get with her school load due to the absences associated with her illness.

Tanya's big clunky shoes fiddle back and forth on the bed with an array of needles stretched out beside them during a home check up.

Tanya is a bit weird about who touches her, explained her mom. Luckily Bill was available as her substitute nurse, because she really only lets these two do her check ups. Tanya spent most of her check up making jokes and chiding her nurse. Tanya most certainly dealt with the bad news of her faulty Infusa Port with a bit of sarcasm and joking, hiding her disappointment underneath.

Tanya takes her dog out into the back yard after a long day at school and with her nurse. You'll be okay, she says to her dog when he fiddles to remove her cone.